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BeachHouseFull service creative photographic services! Architectural, event, automotive, product photography, image retouch, restoration and more. Creative architectural exterior photography. Private home real estate to commercial and industrial properties. Detail and light is the key to capturing the structure’s integrity. Every detail is important.

We are more likely to use a flash and lighting in many cases. The goal of our image is to look natural as it may appear to the eye in a normal lighting situation. Minimal to no flash highlights and minimal shadows.

Aziz SalonLook out the windows of our images and what do you see? The outdoors! Clear and clean. Open most any magazine or view other photographer’s work. Notice light blasting through the windows? Beauty is in the details. Every picture should tell a story. Cafe Photo works to make those images come to life.

Our passion shows through the CobraWoodsimages we create. Architecture creates a never ending depth of interest and beauty. Art created by humans also includes art that moves. Some art moves swiftly. I share just a few of the many thousands of photos I have photographed of cars and motorcycles moving very fast. Some looking fast merely sitting still. Yes, we photograph motorsporting events. We also photograph “Motor Portraits.” If you truly have a passion for your motor vehicle, Cafe Photo RedChevWheelwill capture it!

We have also had the pleasure of capturing images of the human element at it’s best. Many people captured in a moment in a single frame. Many of these humans I consider life long friends. Capturing their character in a single frame. Posing naturally and some time not so natural to appear “natural”.Boots

The most important photo project is the project we are creating next. We offer our passion, expertise and professionalism along with an iron clad work ethic to complete each project and complete it well. Our rates are surprisingly and pleasantly realistic. We don’t “nickle and dime”. Talk to us. We offer packages for one time and small businesses.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope it was a viewing pleasure!


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